How to work your way through the midweek slump_

When it comes to Wednesday it’s not uncommon for the momentum to start slipping. So, to help you remain positive and productive for the rest of the week, we’ve put together our top tips for getting over the midweek slump:

1. It’s time to refocus and revaluate your goals

Start by ticking off all the tasks you’ve already completed, then make a list (in order of importance) of what’s left for you to complete this week.  By doing this, you’ll give yourself a clearer direction for the rest of the week and you might even find out that you have less work to do than you thought.

2. Turn Wednesday from your day of dread to your week day win

If you find yourself struggling for motivation by the middle of the week, try giving yourself something to look forward to. Plan a work out, enjoy an indulgent breakfast or coffee in the morning, plan your lunch break to catch up with friends or even take yourself out to your favourite restaurant after work. Whatever you need to get your through, todays the day to book it in.

3. Change up your routine

Getting stuck in the same routine day after day can be a tough habit to break at work, but it could be exactly what you need to help you out of that midweek slump. Whether it’s switching up your daily tasks or getting a change of scenery – it could make all the difference to your wellbeing. Not to mention your productivity.

4. A clear desk = a clear mind.

Wednesdays are the perfect time to give your work space a tidy.  It could be that your to-do-list has seen better days, you have way too many tabs open on your computer, or you can’t see through the pile of probably-unnecessary-but-keeping-just-in-case bits of paper; but none of it is going to help you focus. Use Wednesday morning to restart your computer, dust your workspace, and organise the rest of your week,

5. If all else fails, look for a new role

If you’re doing all of the above and you still can’t snap out of that mid-week slump, it’s probably not you – it’s your job. Let our team help you get our of the slump by finding you a new position that’s perfect for you.

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