Is it time for you to create an online portfolio?_

With new technology changing the way we do so many things, is it time to change the way we apply for jobs? For years now the standard approach has been to send off your CV, hoping that it will demonstrate your skills enough for you to get an interview.

Is it time for those in the creative industry to stop writing about our skills and actually show them off?

A solid online portfolio is a simple way of showing the world what you can offer and help you stand out from the crowd. In a sea of other candidates; providing a portfolio can be evidence of your achievements, accomplishments and skills. You can use it to package the best evidence of your candidacy for employment by not just putting across your CV but also design work, writing samples, digital artwork, reports, lesson plans, transcripts, certifications, articles, letters, and more in a form easily accessible via the Internet. If you’re applying for a position in which you’ll be expected to produce creative work, your new employer will seek to review and assess your previous projects.

Your portfolio should always be a live project always growing along with your career. Check to make sure everything is current and in working order on a regular basis and remove outdated information. A polished portfolio should reflect your professional and creative accomplishments. Finally remember to add a link to your portfolio on your CV and cover letters so employers can access it quickly and easily.

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