The real benefits of Dry January might surprise you…_

Did you overindulge over the Christmas period? Are you taking part in dry January?

The holiday season is well and truly over and all that is left for most is the feeling of over indulgence. Many of us would have celebrated the holiday season and the new year with numerous glasses of wine, beer, bubbly, or other alcoholic beverages. And although it may be fun at the time, it often leads to packing on the pounds and a few too many hangovers.

Is it time to take a break booze and go dry for January? Dry January encourages people to give up alcohol for 1 month in January and is an initiative of the charity organization Alcohol Change United Kingdom.

An alcohol-free month is the best choice we could possibly make for our health, British researchers conclude. Not only will it work wonders for you during the month you are abstaining from alcohol, but research shows that it can really boost your well-being throughout the year too.

A study carried out by researchers from the University of Sussex in Falmer, UK, shows just how much skipping alcohol for 1 month can improve your life and concludes that these benefits are long-lasting.

The research, led by Dr. Richard de Visser, found that people who took part in Dry January in 2018 reported higher energy levels and healthier body weight. They also felt less need to drink alcohol, even several months after participating.

So what are the benefits that the study recorded:

• 93 percent of participants reported experiencing a sense of achievement at the end of the alcohol-free month
• 88 percent had saved the money that they would otherwise have spent on drinks
• 82 percent of participants reported an enhanced awareness of their relationship with alcohol
• 80 percent felt more in control of their drinking habits
• 76 percent understood when they felt more tempted to drink and why
• 71 percent of participants learned that they did not need alcohol to have fun
• 71 percent said that they enjoyed a better quality of sleep
• 70 percent reported better overall health
• 67 percent had higher energy levels
• 58 percent of participants lost weight
• 57 percent reported improved concentration
• 54 percent said that they noticed better skin health

“The brilliant thing about Dry January is that it’s not really about January. Being alcohol-free for 31 days shows us that we don’t need alcohol to have fun, to relax, to socialize,” says Dr. Richard Piper, the CEO of Alcohol Change UK.

“That means that for the rest of the year, we are better able to make decisions about our drinking and to avoid slipping into drinking more than we really want to,” Dr. Piper notes

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